Terms of an agreement

The general agreement terms, together with the registration form, used by the Client to formalize his registration and the Client's obligations, are intended to sign a service contract between and the Client. The online platform, provided by the Company through its website, implies an agreement on the services provision, signed between the company and the investors to approve the Agreement.

I. General agreement terms acceptance

The client, when formalizing the registration process, regardless of support, declares that he has read and fully understood the general Agreement terms as well as declares that he accepts them and provides his explicit consent to all content of the current Terms in the version, published at the publication date, i.e., he confirms that will fulfill them in full.

Our company's website goal is to help the general public to learn about the activities it performs and the services it provides by making it available to the Internet users, as well as other pages, related to it. The Client declares that he is aware of all the terms, which he agrees with.

II. Parties identification is a business project, providing financial deposit programs and online earnings from investing, trading and other modern business models, both nationally and internationally, which are available throughout the network in accordance with its own didactic methodology.

The Client is identified while using the data, provided to him in the registration form, filled out when signing up on the platform and is responsible for their accuracy and updating. Likewise, the Client declares that he has reached the age of majority and has got sufficient legal capacity to sign the agreements, established by the country legislation, which he lives in. The Company is entitled to cancel the registration process at any time, if it is found that the data provided by the Client is inaccurate, false or incomplete.

III. Object and duration

The current General Terms and Conditions shall be understood as a Service Agreement between the parties, which governs the terms, applicable to the Client by virtue of his registration in a program, chosen from those, provided on the portal website.

« » company is entitled to make changes to the current Terms as it deems required in order to improve the services and programs offered. Notices about the current changes should be perceived as being made by posting them via « » website or in any form, permitted by the law and they will be binding within their publication period the website until the action will be taken or subsequently changed.

IV. Confidentiality.

Our service guarantees the following obligations fulfillment:

a. to avoid transferring and renting the client's personal data without his personal permit; to reliably protect the participants’ personal data from loss, alteration, destruction and other use on third-party resources. Data is stored on multilevel security system servers, so unauthorized access is prohibited; to provide 24/7 access to accounts to own customers only;

b. to provide maximum security for your own resource. Thus, each participant goes through a multi-level verification by the company. The current service guarantees that the verification will be carried out within the correctness. In addition, it guarantees that its clients’ personal data will only be used to resolve current issues, including the consideration and satisfaction of complaints and claims, notifications about new services, about technical faults, etc.

V. Risks.

The modern financial market does not guarantee its customers’ investments safety. The client must clearly realize that all accusations of deception and fraud in the official direction will be perceived as a false denunciation. This could result in the contract termination between the customer and the service.